PHOTO GALLERY: North Carolina FC U23 vs Wake FC 07/15/22

On July 15th, 2022 The North Carolina FC U23s took on Wake FC at Ting Park in Holly Springs, North Carolina for the last season match in the USL2 League. After lightning delays of over 2 hours, the two teams battled into the late evening to a 2-2 draw. Here are photos from the match.

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Trace Alphin
Will Buete
Jonathan Cisneros
Myson Darden
Curtis De Leon
Shane De Leon
Lucas Del Rosario
Tyden Frame
Seraphin Guetan
Drew Kerr
Dylan Lane
Parker O’Ferral
Marvin Mariche
John McDowell
Aaron Messer
Cristian Milazzo
Ethan Newsome
Miles Peay
Colton Pleasants
Lucas Pleasants
Brendan Pulley
Nico Rincon
Robert Screen
Jake Shannon
Jason Smith
Sam Terranova
Rohit Thakur
Caden Tolentino
Coach Michael Milazzo

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